Flight operations

Flight operations

Lineup at the start

We meet pretty much every Saturday and Sunday from the end of March to the end of October

10:00 in or in front of "the flat building" for the morning briefing.

We discuss the weather, the runway direction, the layout of the aircraft, determine the start manager and the aircraft that will take off. The assigned winch driver raises his hand …

10:30 the hall gates are pushed open.

The planes are pulled to the start. Cable winch and take-off car move to their position. The landing sign also determines the landing direction from the air.

11:00 – 11:30 everything is usually set up and you can start. Every single aircraft is checked again and the check is confirmed in the log book. The telephone connection with the winch about a kilometer away is in place and the first take-off takes place. Many more (some over 50) will follow throughout the day. Routine, disciplined, safe and yet always happy. Security is not a burden but a matter of course. The rules are logical and understandable for everyone without discussion. Every single take-off and landing is recorded (electronically) and booked in the evening.

In the evening, sometimes around sunset, the clutter is cleaned and tidied up again. Bureaucracy is done quickly. The after-work beer is only served when the hall gates are closed. -Cola. Barbecue and / or going to a restaurant together are not uncommon. Successes celebrated, failures lamented. As in probably every other sports club.