“For sheer joy towards the sun”

Dear prospective members, Dear pilots

on these pages, we, the members of the soaring club Luftsportclub Kranich Berlin e.V., would like to introduce you to our activities . Hopefully, we will also inspire you to partake in our nature-loving and eco-friendly sport. Gliding can be learned and practiced at our glider airfield in Neuruppin North of Berlin.

Flight operations typically take place on weekends between April and October, making for an approximate 70 days of glider flying each season. In addition, several practical training courses are being held during weekdays (mostly during the Berlin school holidays) throughout the year.

Whenever we fly, operations commence at 10AM with a “weather briefing”. Thereafter we prepare up the airfield for the first launch, parking our winch at one end of the field and the planes and control “tower” bus at the other. Usually the first take-off is around 11AM.

In order to impart perfect flying skills to our future pilots, volunteer flight instructors provide them with solid practical training during summer months and theoretical lessons in winter. For licensed pilots, further training opportunities are provided.

Notice! Due to regulatory reasons we are constrained to instruct in german language as the tests and the final documents are german. Although all our instructors are quit fluent in english, we highly recommend learning deutsch until the tests are to be done.